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If you’re looking for functional dog décor at its finest, you have come to the right place!


Leash Loft Pro offers original custom dog leash holders that you will be proud to give and honored to own.  Not only are they insanely adorable and designed just for you, they're cut from solid steel, sand blasted, painted and built to last a lifetime.


We have a host of artists who have pre-designed hundreds of breeds, so if what you seek is not listed in our pull-down menu, chances are pretty good we have design it and just haven’t posted it on the web yet. So, email us for a proof: or call us at 308-627-6533.  


You have the opportunity to create a custom dog leash holder any dog owner would love. Choose from over 300 dog breeds, 50 color combinations. Personalize it with a name or a saying. Select your Leash Loft Pro with one, two or three dogs from our 'I Love My Dog Collection'. Make it exactly what you're looking for!


Gift your family, friends and neighbors a showpiece they can be proud of!


Store your dog leash and your car keys in the same place in style with our custom artwork.


Exclusively here at Leash Loft Pro.


Made in the heart of the USA: Kearney, Nebraska.



One Dog 6.5 inches wide by approximately 8.25 inches tall.

Two Dogs 12.5 inches wide by approximately 8.25 inches tall.

Three Dogs 18.25 inches wide by approximately 8.25 inches tall.

Height varies slightly.


Quotes for custom sizes are available as well.

Contact us if you have any questions:



Best gift ever!

Two Dogs


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